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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  March 4, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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i need to ask you a little favor. you need me to go. yeah. it's just that my stepson's gonna be home soon, and it would be... i got it. um... d if you don't mind, can you use the back door, please? (chuckles) yeah. (door closes) campbell: i know. yeah, i know. they're withholding the semester grades because they know we were cheating. it's gonna come out. we've got nothing to worry about. i've taken care of everything. everyone at cronus is going to be okay. because i've set navid shirazi up
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to take the fall for the whole thing. okay? all right. see you. captioning sponsored by cbs brought to you by ford. go further.
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a million dollar yacht run aground. why the people onboard really didn't want to be rescued. and what was found inside that vessel. bay area sinkhole forces families out of their homes. one insurance company is telling them, they are on their own. >> this woman is not breathing enough she is going to die. a retirement community's policy, prevents a nurse from helping a woman. three suspected pirates are in the klink accused of trying to sneak off with a $2 million sailboat. the modern day marauders left
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some interesting booty onboard. >> reporter: that's right. bizarre, unusual, strange some of the words describing this entire incident tonight. tonight the yacht is still stranded out here, you can't really see it if you look over my shoulder here. what you can see that single light right there that is the yacht itself and behind it a couple more lights, the tug boat it is tied to. it is unable to move until high tide gives it some lift 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, more than 24 hours after the vessel was stole nona high seas heist. the soap opera began with a boat heist the 82-foot darling disappeared from its sausalito slip before dawn. when it surfaced this morning it was stranded and so were the three pirates who allegedly pillaged it. >> they are not pirates. >> one had a prosthetic leg. >> after hours stuck on a sand
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bar in pacifica, authorities finally convinced them to walk the plank. >> what were you thinking? >> reporter: leaving their booty onboard. >> i don't know if they are intoxicated there was a lot of alcohol onboard. >> reporter: the battered boat, left bobbing. >> we are hoping the get a tug here. >> this could be awhile. >> reporter: once high tide rolled in, divers tied a landing craft to the darling. >> it seemed to be making progress. >> pull it back out. it looks like the line just snapped. so, -- yeah, they are going to get a tug that is on the way here. >> reporter: you guessed it. they are going to need a bigger boat. and they now have that bigger boat sitting out there right now as we said, tied to the darling right now. the boat's owner did not want to talk to us on camera but he said he learned about this incident from watching it on
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television. the good news here, the fuel inside the boat so far has not leaked into the water. reporting live in pacifica, kpix 5. >> the thieves face grand theft and conspiracy charges. we are in for a big change. the weather, in the bay area, will be different by this time tomorrow. brian is tracking this next system with our high-def doppler radar. >> liz, the weather will be a factor for the folks trying to pull that boat. winds will be up and waves up and rain is going to come down tomorrow afternoon all because of that low pressure sitting in the gulf of alaska. it will head south toward the california coastline. we expect clouds to increase. rain will begin late on tuesday. clouds increase during the day, rest of the area, after night fall then on again off again fashion we will have more rain
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through thursday. how much and when we will cover that when we do the forecast later. >> thank you. 24 hours ago a teen was shot and killed in campbell. tonight the community came out to remember him. kit doe tells us, this is campbell's first homicide in six years. >> he was a regular kid with modest dreams but a super sized love for life. >> my advice to everyone, while mourning, aspire to be everything opposite of what caused him that pain. >> tonight 150 people met on the field at santa clara high school where richard vega played football to cry, play and remember. his cousin wore his actual game jersey tonight. >> not being able to see you any more. my life forever. you taught me a lot of things,
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i look up to you. you were my role model. >> campbell police say the 18- year-old was walking next to the community center on latimer avenue when he was shot several times last night. detectives don't have much to go on. ironically he wanted to be a police officer, specifically in san francisco. his coach said it was a tragedy to be back on the field where he played and help propel the team to a league championship last year. >> embrace life for what it is. it is fleeting. here is an 18-year-old kid with the world ahead of him, now nothing. >> investigators have knossos februarys or motive -- no suspects or motive. campbell's previous homicide in 2007 remains unsolved. the owner of an iconic bay area hot dog stand says he will rebuild after a destructive early morning fire. this is the happy hound after firefighters battled the flames
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in the roof and storage area. the fire took 30 minutes to put out the restaurant is relatively unscathed. the owner said he is down but not out. >> if i have to pay whatever, overtime or whatever we will get it open as soon as we can for our customers they have been supporting us all these years. >> the happy hound has been open for business for 42 years. right now fire investigators say, the fire does not look suspicious. bat man makes an appearance across the pond. not quite 2 image of the -- the image of the hunky caped crusader but d bring in a crook. >> is there anyone willing to help this lady and not let her die. tonight, we ask bay area facilities what would they do in the same circumstances. ,, [ male announcer ] with citibank it's easy for jay
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even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. perform c-p-r to save a wo's despite pleas from bakersfield police opened up a criminal investigation into the nurse who refused to perform cpr to save a woman's life despite pleas from a 911
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dispatcher. >> i understand if your boss is telling you you can't do it but as a human being, is there anybody willing to help this lady and not let her die. >> not at this time. >> no, they won't touch her at all. >> a lot of you have been asking about this story. questions are being asked about the rights of seniors in these facilities. julie watts takes a look how the laws protect residents and employees. >> is she breathing? >> barely. >> they are talking about an 87- year-old woman dying inside this bakersfield retirement home. when a 911 dispatcher tells the nurse on the line to start cpr she refuses. >> yeah, we can't. >> hand the phone to a passer by. anybody there can do cpr give them the phone please. this woman is not breathing enough she is going to die if we don't get that started. >> by the time help arrived it was too late.
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>> outrageous. unconscionable. >> it is not illegal. while there are laws that require assisted living and retirement home staff to follow do not resuscitate orders. >> there is nothing in our regulation, nothing in the law that says if i don't have one of those you have to resuscitate. >> the elderly woman in this case did not have a dnr. we reached out to 11 local retirement and assisted living facilities, while most as sured us they do resuscitate, at least five say, staff perform cpr when directed. >> iit was the gardener they probably would have saved her. i was a girl scout leader i had to take cpr. >> but they are not required to train staff to resuscitate. while the assisted living must they may not have to use it. >> one would think you are a nurse in a senior community you would have an obligation, to save someone. >> i don't understand why you
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are not willing to help this patient. >> yeah. >> is there anyone there, willing to help this lady and not let her die. >> while nurses take anighten gail oath it is not legally binding. the glen wood gardens is not an assisted living facility it is not required to have medically trained staff. it is conducting a thorough review but the practice is to call 911 and wait for assistance. a break through in the fight against aids. researchers in mississippi were able to cure an hiv positive baby. the case could pave the way to eliminating the virus in kids. >> when the newborn girl was transferred to university of mississippi medical center in 2010, the doctor knew her mother was hiv positive. dr. gay took the unusual step of using three anti viral drugs
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instead of the usual one or two. >> for the high risk infants it is a little bit more left to the judgment of the clinician and in this case, there were several factors that made this a higher risk than normal and i chose to use the three drugs. >> the baby was treated for 18 months on the drug cocktail. >> her viral load decreased as we would expect it to on the medication. >> after 18 months the mother stopped the baby's treatment and disappeared five months later she brought the baby back to the hospital. tests revealed no evidence of any active virus. dr. gay was surprised because the current strategy is continue medication indefinitely. >> we don't know entirely what to expect, what we are hoping for s that she remains negative throughout the rest of her life. >> if this success is repeated in other children the largest implications could be in
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developing countries. around the world more than 300,000 babies contract the virus from their mothers every year. >> this is very encouraging everything that happened so far, but this person has to be followed for a lot longer, to really know what the true effect was. >> reporter: prevention of hiv in newborns rather than treatment is by far the best strategy. in the u.s. routine screening and treatment of the mother during pregnancy dramatically lowered the number of babies born with the virus to fewer than 200 each year. now this is not the first documented case of an hiv cure. in 2007, an hiv positive man battling leukemia was cured of both after he received a bone marrow transplant in germany and now lives in san francisco. in less than 24 hours the show will be on for good. that is a live picture now.
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weeks and weeks of testing will be over and the bay lights sculpture will brighten up the san francisco water front. it will be computerized the lights will continue for two years, every night from dusk to 2:00 a.m. i caught up with the artist tonight before tomorrow's big reveal. >> this piece will be seen by 50 million people over two years it has a tremendous audience and impact. it is something they can see and engage with they don't have to buy a ticket. >> you don't get the same show every night it is completely random and done by the computer. the light sculpture will be turned on tomorrow night 9:00 p.m. if you are looking for the perfect spot to watch it, go to >> tomorrow night sounds rainy. >> it does in fact, sounds like the codeness of ur tv screen
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is a good choice. rain will work its way into the bay area. by tomorrow evening the north bay will get wet. we will show you all that. here is high-def doppler showing us absolutely nothing. to illustrate the contrast. there will bic cos lighting up that chart. 46 degrees concord, 49 oakland liver more 46, san francisco at the airport, 47 degrees on the time lapse that is where it is coming from low pressure digging out of the gulf of alaska and heading toward california. increasing clouds will lead to rain and an inch or so, expected in the coastal mountains high pressure gets nudged east we will finally get wet in the bay area. this will not bring us back from the 75 average rainfall where we are at now. we have snow expected in the mountains where storm warnings
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are posted 10 to 20 inches. 60-mile an hour winds will accompany the storm too. high wave hazard as well sneaker waves possible because of a long period of swell in the pacific. you don't want to be on rocks or jetties because of sneaker waves. a model of how the atmosphere should look over the next 24 hours. not much at sunrise. we will wake up to some sun around the bay area. late inner the day clouds over spread the bay area. by this time tomorrow night marin will be wet and so, too, the bay area. 61 santa rosa, 64 fairfield. cooler pacifica. in the extended forecast, get wet tuesday night stay wet wednesday, thursday and friday next weekend, sun comes out temperatures warm up as well. >> well, good for our local
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mountains, 10 to 20 inches of snow. >> can't hurt. >> good news. >> thank you. well, that rain isn't expected to make things easier for homeowners in san francisco. they have a new mess to deal with after a water main break. more sinkholes are opening up. david jackson tells us why it is only getting worse. >> reporter: no doubt about it the rain would not be welcome at this time down here any way in the west portal area where the water main broke almost a week ago now. it flooded the entire area and caused six homes to be deemed uninhabitable. three are red tagged no one can live in, three yellow tagged they are dangerous but people can go inside. as you mentioned right underneath all those homes there have been additional sinkholes that opened up in the foundations underneath. so far they have not been too too essentially bad underneath the three of those homes yellow
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tagged and that has been the good news that has given the water department time to work on those homes specifically. they will worry about the red tagged homes later. they are waiting for the water under ground to subside they think that could take 3 months before they are satisfied the ground is in fact not damp under there. all the homeowners have temporarily been relocated done at the cost of the city. so they are pleased that the city is picking up that cost and they are out of their homes for the time being. again they are going to open up a permanent set of offices here in this area so they can work with those homeowners and hope to get all six of them back inside their homes within the next couple weeks. that is the fingers crossed hope for here in the west portal area. >> what a mess. thank you for that. the water department expects to be there working on the water line, every day, for the next three months. and outside tampa florida, crews are getting a better look
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at that sinkhole that swallowed a man, and his entire bedroom last week. demolition crews knocked down the remains walls of the house and cleared away debris today. >> the goal is to get the house removed, the slab removed so we can see the sinkhole. we don't know if the house is going to fall in but we will take every precaution >> they need to decide what will happen to the two homes on the either side of the demolished house the sinkhole compromised those properties but it is unclear if they can be saved. a real life bat man hits the streets of northern england. you can't move the tv there.
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this was the first meeting the cardinals will be electing a new pope o began their discussions today. they opened their talks with prayer and took an oath of secrecy. no date has been set for the elections, call to conclave but there is speculation it will begin by march 11th with the aim of having a new pope by march 17th. police in britain are getting a little help from the caped crusader. it is real. police in bratford england say a rather portly figure wearing an ill tting costume brought in a 27-year-old burglary suspect, collared him, where is adam west right now. >> needs a towel. >> charged with theft and
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fraud. the costumed crime fighter disappeared into the night without leaving his name and his identity remains unknown. >> where is robin? >> that is what i want to know. david copperfield made an unscheduled appearance in illinois after his plane ran into problems. he was headed from vegas to new york to appear on the today show when this happened. >> we heard this sound ... at 37,000 feet and it was very frightening so we decided to land. >> couldn't use his magic. >> the plane landed safely in peoria. he used skype to magically appear on the today show. it is time to charge more money more often to park near at&t park. meters within walking distance are operating now until 10:00
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p.m. on week nights. during events it will cost 5 to $7 an hour, city transportation officials hope the metering will open up parking and reduce congestion around the park. >> you think? >> yeah. >> warriors gave up 118 points tonight, could the big man make a difference? tip off is next ,,
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lots of us are sick or hurt we have four times as many emotional problems as other kids i'll have to move over and over again. i'm twice as likely to drop out of high school. there's a 50-50 chance i'll end up homeless. not everyone can be a foster parent
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the coach knows that winning goes after a dispointing 1 and 4 the warriors get 15 of the final 22 games at home. the coach knows winning goes a little deeper than home cooking. >> we haven't been good
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defensively, across the board. yeah, defense. it's been bad. it's been bad we got to get it right. >> that was our photographer saying give me some specifics. andrew back in the line up. 8 points -- 4 points excuse me. warriors lead by 8 at the half. down by 7 and then they turn it on. thompson to lee, who had 29. then curry, pulls up, jump shot go on to win 125-118 where is the defense? ryan, last stop before the world baseball classic. 3 runs, 2 innings. white sox beat the giants, 6-2 in cactus league. swinging as pounded out 15 hits against their american league west rivals including an rbi double. second extra base hit of the spring. as on fire they win 13-5. >> try to


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